How to Rediscover the Most Boring Place on Earth

Our handy guide to exploring the only place you can go.

At Fodor’s Travel, we’re obsessed with place. Anywhere can be a must-see destination if you have the right combination of guidance, curiosity, and shelter-in-place mandate. And for 84 years we’ve helped you discover the magic of a variety of locations and we’re going to keep doing it, even during a pandemic. So why not rediscover somewhere that might seem very familiar right now—your own home. Let us help you to uncover the charm of the place you aren’t allowed to leave.

25 of America’s Best Restaurants Are Now Serving Takeout

Have a Michelin-starred dinner without ever having to get out of your pajamas.

Maybe you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary in isolation, or maybe you’re just sick of cooking so many nights in a row. Regardless, a fancy meal from a fancy restaurant can provide a vital feeling of normalcy during this uncertain time. What’s more, it’s not just an indulgence: ordering in can help keep businesses afloat and jobs in place. Here are 25 of the United States’ Michelin-starred restaurants, what they’re cooking now, and how to get it to your dinner table.

15 Bizarre Museums to Add to Your Next U.S. Road Trip

These strange, funny, and downright odd collections will break up that long stretch of driving.

The beauty of a road trip is that you can do anything that strikes your fancy, whether that’s sitting down at all of the best barbecue spots in Texas or taking the time to hit the waves at the best surfing spots up and down California’s Pacific Coast Highway. The most intrepid explorers of America’s byways, though, will opt for destinations slightly less mainstream. From strange collections to macabre displays to downright odd odes to quintessentially American foods, here are 16 bizarre and entertaining museums to add to your next road trip.

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